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I was tired of all the dangerous red ants I had in my front and back yard. My 4 year old daughter had multiple bites on her ankles and I was determined to never let that happen again. I contacted Do It Yourself Pest Control and their recommendations worked perfectly. No more red ant hills on my lawn and no more bites on my baby girl. Thanks!!

John P. - Vero Beach
Bugs, bugs, bugs!!  I hate bugs.  I had them inside my house, outside my house, everywhere.  What a pain.  I made a few calls to some exterminators and their prices were way out of my price range.  A friend told me about Do It Yourself pest Control and they instructed me and got me the things I needed for a fraction of the price.  Why go anywhere else?

Skip - Vero Beach
I hired an exterminator to get rid of a huge termite problem I was having. Well they send this guy and he's going through my house looking everywhere. I even found him in some of my bedroom furniture. He said he "had to look everywhere to make sure he does his job." I did not like that at all. I told him to leave and I called Do It Yourself and I did it myself for less money and no hassles.

Sharon H. - Fort Pierce
Yikes! I had a mouse or rat and it's babies in my back room closet stuck back in the corner. I was never so frightened. I contacted Do It Yourself and they told me exactly what I needed to do. I got rid of the problem myself and have had no issues since. I felt very comfortable dealing with them.

Marsh L. - Sebastian
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