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The management of termites is a major share of the pest control industry in the United States. There are two major types of termites; Subterranean and Drywood Termites.

Subterranean termites come from soil nests under the ground and can cause more damage in less time. They access homes and buildings through cracks and crevices using tunnels made from mud and can while they do not go through they can bypass concrete areas. Drywood Termites attack from the air and do not leave tracks as clear. Both Termite colonies consist mostly of worker soldiers which many become swarming, winged termites as a natural part of their life cycle. This normally occurs in early spring but may occur at any time in our temperate climate.

What can I do?

Establishing an insecticide control barrier between the structure and the ground is the primary way of controlling the problem. While Baits can also be used, they require constant and what can be, costly maintenance. Baiting without the maintenance only serves to attract more and is not a good option.

Evidence of your problem areas can identify if the termite damage is Subterranean or Drywood termites and treatments will vary but both can be treated. Do you see mud trails or have you seen what looks like sand pebbles near a wood ledge or structure? Let us know as quickly as possible.
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