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Do It Yourself Pest Control is your neighborhood friendly expert regarding the many pests and problems homeowners and renters deal with in South Florida. 

The temperature, humidity and overall general climate make our homes and property ideal places for these creatures to live. Rather than paying high costs for strangers to come into your home, get expert advice and all the materials you will need to rid your homes of these pests.
Family Owned & Operated
Do It Yourself Pest Control is a family owned and operated business and has been helping home owners and businesses in South Florida for over 20 years.  Located in beautiful Vero Beach our experience and knowledge will help you to eliminate any nuisance pests you may have in your home or yard.

Broad variety of pests
Residents of South Florida are up against a broad spectrum of South Florida Lawn Pests, but rest assured: Do It Yourself Pest Control has you covered. We can help you navigate the wide world of South Florida Lawn Pests and determine which of these insects are your problem and how you can get rid of them  Annoying pests like Ants, Ticks, Fleas, Beetles, Roaches, Pine Beetles, and Wood Eating Beetles in Florida can wreak havoc on lawns and homes throughout our area.

Pests such as ants and wasps can also make it dangerous for you and your loved ones to spend time in your yard.

Insects aren't the only problem
Insects, however, aren’t the only South Florida Pests residents of our area face.  South Florida is home to a variety of larger animals that can invade your yard or home and pose a threat to yourself and your family, which is why we provide help for these types of issues as well.  Rodents and other invading wildlife like mice, rats, raccoons, and opossums often take up residence in yards and homes of South Florida residents. These animals are known to spread diseases and can be dangerous to pets and family members.  If you are dealing with a Rodent Infestation, rely on Do It Yourself Pest Control to provide expert assistance.

We share our tropical paradise
We live in a tropical paradise, unfortunately so do many pests.  Don't let these problem pests affect the enjoyment of your home and yard.  Call us today and make your home and yard a safe, relaxing place.
Bugs, bugs, bugs!! I hate bugs.
Bugs, bugs, bugs!!  I hate bugs.  I had them inside my house, outside my house, everywhere.  What a pain.  I made a few calls to some exterminators and their prices were way out of my price range.  A friend told me about Do It Yourself pest Control and they instructed me and got me the things I needed for a fraction of the price.  Why go anywhere else?
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