Rodents have been responsible for, or implicated in the spread of many diseases in both people and domestic animals. Rats and mice can be found in all areas and all types of homes or business. They are especially active near water such as canals, the beach or on properties with fruit trees.

Mouse Besides the obvious "yuck factor". These pests can damage doors, floors, and ceilings with burrowing and gnawing activity. Conservative estimates place the cost of rodent control to be well over 120 million dollars just in the US alone. To control and eliminate the risk, you need to use techniques such as trapping and baiting. We also have tips on how to secure your home or business against future infestations. Just as with many of the other pests, these can be treated most effectively with identification. Taking a picture of the evidence left behind or describing the scene can help to identify and properly treat the problem. 
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