Ant Florida is the home to several different species of ants. Whether resolving an existing ant problem in or around your home or trying to prevent ants from finding their way into your home and yard, knowing the type of ant you are dealing with or are likely to encounter is very important.

Some of the common ants you may encounter are…

Ghost ants
Little black ants
Pavement ants
Pharaoh ants
Red imported fire ants
White-footed ants
Thief ants
Big-headed ants
Argentine ants
Carpenter ants
Crazy ants
Odorous house ants
Acrobat ants
Ant group
These are just a few of the more common ants you may encounter in Florida. If you find yourself fighting ants in your home a few things you need to know are that there are different ways to deal with different ants.  
Some require spray but the majority require baits. There are two types of baits - sweet baits and protein baits. We encourage our customers to bring a sample of their ants in so we can provide the best products and advice.


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